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TRAINING · Therapeutic Singing and Sound Yoga


Therapeutic Singing and Sound Yoga 

The sounds emitted by the voice create a vibration at the heart of our being, at the physical, emotional and energetic levels.

The yoga of sound allows us to work in depth and in a specific way using sounds and frequencies known to have a positive effect on our immune system, our organs and our fluidic circulations. Associated with singing in harmony, with simple and relaxing yoga postures accessible to all, the yoga of sound brings both inner peace and a boost of energy and self-esteem by bringing participants to be actors and creators. beautiful.


Program of the training


The training in therapeutic singing and sound yoga according to Zen and Sounds aims to teach you the fundamental principles of using the voice and singing to center, relax and act positively on the different physical and energetic parts that make us up.

This training, led by Ely, is divided into 2 volumes lasting 5 days each.


Ely will teach you the main principles of therapeutic singing and yoga of sound, a synthesis of different human traditions using voice and meditation with the aim of overall well-being: theory and practice of bija-mantras, series of sounds from the Japanese kototama , Taoist healing sounds.

She will also teach you the basic anatomy of singing, how to "find" your voice, warm it up, and use it alone and in a group, by associating certain very gentle yoga postures, as well as mantras and songs from from different regions of the world.

The practice of meditative breathing will complete this global and transformative approach, leading participants to consider their life through the prism of the joy of living and well-being in the present moment, thanks to the beauty of singing.


You will advance in the practice of specific vocal techniques, by learning how to make your voice resonate at different physical and energetic levels: practice of so-called "essential" sounds and their locations, with theoretical support on the physical and energetic anatomy of different techniques. singing: Indian singing, oriental singing, lyrical singing. 

You will practice singing in harmony and learn its benefits.

You will learn how to make your exercises on the principles of yoga of sound and therapeutic chanting, as well as the structure and construction of a yoga of sound class.

A certificate of completion will be issued to you at the end of these 2 levels.



You will be advised of certain appropriate musical instruments to accompany you in your practices. You can, if you wish, get some of them in stock at Zen and Sounds.


Zen & Sounds Sud , 23 Hortes district, 34700 Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière.


Health and well-being professionals, singing teachers and practitioners, singers and musicians, to learn how to use therapeutic singing and integrate the work of yoga of sound into your professional and personal practice. Beginners accepted.


  • Confidentiality (what happens during a therapeutic singing and sound yoga class remains confidential)

  • Listening, kindness and commitment. The teacher takes into account the requests of his client or his group with all his benevolence, without judgment or criticism, by fully committing himself to the course he gives.

  • Clear positioning: the sound therapist is neither a doctor nor a guru. The lessons and advice he gives do not in any way replace the medical treatments followed by his client, they are part of a support process.


  • It is advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothing.

  • Yoga mats, cushions and blankets are loaned on site during the training.

  • Meals and accommodation are offered on site (the accommodation and meal package for 5 days is €500).


• Level 1: €1250 incl. tax

• Level 2: €1250 incl. tax

50% must be paid upon booking, the remaining 50% a maximum of 2 months before the start of the module.


• Complete training: €2,300 including tax

Instead of 2500€ including tax. Reduced rate payable in full upon booking.


• Meals and accommodation are offered on site: the accommodation and meal package for 5 days is €500.


Ely Goa, professional singer and certified sound therapist, leads the 2 levels of training.

Swann Gong leads a level 2 module (module dedicated to Mongolian overtone singing).

Ely is a professional singer and certified sound therapist. She trained in sound yoga with Patrick Torre, at the Institut des Arts de la Voix in Paris, and Domitille Debienassis, at the Center de Tao du Son in Montpellier. She was trained in sound massage and gong bath at the Zen & Sounds Ibiza center, by Swann Gong. She has  also followed a training in restorative yoga with Audrey Favreau.

From a very young age, Ely sings naturally; singing has always brought him peace and well-being, joy and comfort. She made it her job as soon as she finished her psychology studies. She composes her singing parts and writes for the choirs she directs. It is by wanting to understand the mechanisms of this therapeutic aspect of singing that she has always felt intuitively that she encounters the yoga of sound. She then understood the principles of therapeutic singing and, in the light of her training and her profession as a singer and choirmaster, she created her own teaching method.  


Co-founder of Zen & Sounds with Swann, she regularly leads sound yoga workshops and therapeutic chanting of mantras. She gives gong baths, as well as sound massages using therapeutic bowls and tuning forks, in Zen & Sounds centers, but also throughout Europe, in yoga and well-being centers, festivals meditation and yoga, yoga and sound therapy retreats.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer, she uses her voice and various instruments such as the harp, the kigonki, the metal or crystal bowls, the koshi chimes, the sansula, the shamanic drum, the harmonium, as musical accompaniment tools, relaxation and meditation to music. She works with large symphonic and planetary gongs as well as a large choice of Himalayan bowls (from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India) and therapeutic tuning forks. Professional musician, composer and singer, she is co-founder of the musical duo ELEA with Swann, with whom she has given numerous concerts around the world.


To check availability for each session, please contact us by email:, or call us: 09 54 32 99 79.

To register, please:

1. send us a bank transfer of 600€ (or 2300€ if you wish to benefit from the reduced rate on the complete training) to the coordinates below, specifying in the subject of the transfer "Zen & Sounds Formation + date of the 1st day of your training" (e.g. Zen & Sounds Training January 20).


Bank details:

IBAN: FR76 1027 8060 4100 0209 7130 154 BIC: CMCIFR2A

2. email us:

  1. confirming your registration, the date(s) of the chosen training(s) and your bank transfer.

  2. clearly indicating your billing information (VAT number if necessary)

Upon receipt of your transfer and your email, your place will be reserved.

NB: registrations are taken into account in the order of receipt of payment. Following your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

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