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TRAINING · Zen & Sounds Academy

Sound therapy training, gong bath training, sound massage training, sound therapy, zagdrum training, crystal bath training, sound yoga and therapeutic singing training

Swann Gong

Trainer at the Zen and Sounds Academy:


  • Gong Bath Training (Level 1 & Level 2)

  • Individual Sound Massage Training (Level 1 & Level 2)

Trainer at the Zen and Sounds Academy:


  • Gong Bath training(Level 1 & Level 2)

  • Individual Sound Massage Training(Level 1 & Level 2)

Sound therapist, musician, trainer

His experience :

· Co-founder and CEO of Zen & Sounds 
· Artistic director of the music production label Space Tepee Music

Sound therapist, multi-instrumentalist musician, sound engineer, composer

· Trainer at the Zen & Sounds Academy (130 practitioners trained)

DJ (Spain)

· Drums teacher at Music Club Polygone (Montpellier)

His training:


Peter Hess Institute (Belgium)
College of Sound Healing (England)
Berkeley College of Music (Boston, USA)

American School of Modern Music (Paris)



He has acquired a great deal of experience during his years of practice in sound therapy, during which he has given thousands of sessions, both in groups and individually.

He learned many lessons from it that allowed him to conceptualize his own method of teaching sound therapy, combining both his different training courses, and his feedback and results on the public he has been following ever since.

Co-founder of Zen & Sounds with Ely Goa, the first centers dedicated to sound therapy in Europe, he gives gong baths, as well as sound treatments using bowls and therapeutic tuning forks, in Zen & Sounds centers, but also throughout Europe, in yoga and wellness centres, meditation and yoga festivals, yoga and sound therapy retreats.

Swann works with large symphonic and planetary gongs as well as a large choice of Himalayan bowls (from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India), therapeutic tuning forks and numerous shamanic instruments.

With 35 years of experience as a multi-musician, specialist in ethnic and world instruments, percussionist, flautist, guitarist and singer, but also a specialist in sound work (sound engineer, composer, producer, remixer and music creator meditative and therapeutic), co-founder, with Ely Goa, of the musical duo ELEA, Swann gave as a musician more than 2500 concerts all over the world.


To check the availability of training sessions, please contact us by email:, or call us: 09 54 32 99 79.

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