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TRAINING · Zen & Sounds Academy

Sound therapy training, gong bath training, sound massage training, sound therapy, zagdrum training, crystal bath training, sound yoga and therapeutic singing training

Ely Goa

Zen and Sounds Trainer in Therapeutic Singing and Sound Yoga.

Trainer at the Zen and Sounds Academy:


  • Therapeutic Singing and Sound Yoga Training (Level 1 & Level 2)



Her experience :


· Co-founder and president of Zen & Sounds 

· Co-founder and artistic director of the music production label Space Tepee Music

· Sound therapist, singer, musician, songwriter

· Founder (with Swann) of the musical group ELEA

· Trainer at the Zen & Sounds Academy

· Singing teacher


Her training:

· Sound Yoga training (Vocal Arts Institute - Paris and La Rochelle)

· Training in Energetic Yoga of Sound (Centre Le Tao du Son - Montpellier)

· Restorative Yoga training (Audrey Favreau - Judith Hanson Lasater Technique)

· License in clinical psychology and psychopathology (University of Letters and Human Sciences Montpellier III)

· Training in lyrical singing (Sotiropoulos Montpellier School)

· Training in modern-jazz singing and relaxation techniques (Ecole Chant et Sophrologie Montpellier)

· Classical and modern piano school (Claire Vidil - Montpellier)

Drawing on her experience as a sound therapist with Zen and Sounds for years, she has led many retreats and sessions of therapeutic singing and sound yoga, which inspired her own method, tinged with her experience as a professional singer. Today, she trains with the aim of teaching the use of voice and singing for therapeutic and well-being purposes.

Ely is a sound therapist, certified teacher of sound yoga and therapeutic singing, also trained in restorative yoga.

Co-founder of Zen & Sounds with Swann, she leads sound yoga workshops and therapeutic chanting of mantras. She gives gong baths, as well as sound massages using therapeutic bowls and tuning forks, in Zen & Sounds centers, but also throughout Europe, in yoga and well-being centers, festivals meditation and yoga, yoga and sound therapy retreats.


Ely trained in sound yoga with Patrick Torre, at the Institut des Arts de la Voix in Paris, and Domitille Debienassis, at the Center Le Tao du Son in Montpellier. She was trained in sound massage and gong bath at the Zen & Sounds Ibiza center, by Swann Gong. She has  also followed a certifying training in restorative yoga with Audrey Favreau.


Multi-instrumentalist, she uses various instruments such as the harp, harmonium, singing bowls or koshi chimes as tools for relaxation and meditation in music. She works with large symphonic and planetary gongs as well as a large choice of Himalayan bowls (from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India) and therapeutic tuning forks. Professional musician, composer and singer,  she is co-founder of the musical duo ELEA with Swann.

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